5 Reasons Why Your Hair Needs Conditioner - Luxe Hair Lounge + Day Spa

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1. Natural Wear & Tear

Your daily routine combined with UV rays can damage your hair.

2. Mechanical Damage

Combing and brushing can cause breakage and take its toll.  When your hair is wet is when it is most fragile, so be careful combing then.

3. Chemical Damage

Coloring your hair can leave it dry and brittle.  Be sure to use only the best color and added safeties like Olaplex.  Listen to the recommendations of your stylist!

4. Heat Damage

Hot styling tools expose the strands of your hair to high temps that can dry them out, resulting in frizz and split ends.

5. Friction & Snagging

Your hair takes a beating when getting snagged on your clothes and your purse strap!


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